April 19, 2017

Backyard Pavilion Ideas

Backyard Pavilion Ideas for Rustic Outdoor Living

Transforming outdoor space can be as simple as adding a backyard pavilion. A multitude of creative backyard pavilion ideas provide an easy template to add structures to your outdoor space ranging from streamlined gazebos that provide simple shade and shelter to luxurious poolside recreation units.

With so many backyard pavilion ideas circulating on the market, from DIY backyard pavilion kits to unique custom built backyard pavilion designs, the right choice is out there for every need. The first step in building a backyard pavilion is exploring which features and designs are right for your needs.


Why Invest in a Backyard Pavilion Kit?

  • Have a hot tub? A small pavilion designed to surround a hot tub can provide a perfect finishing touch to this area. Adding an open pavilion above a hot tub can provide protection from the elements and create a more private and intimate environment for a dip in the tub. Customizable panels in many backyard pavilion plans can let owners decide how open or closed they want their structure to feel.
  • Need shelter by your pool? Poolside pavilions are very popular and the architecture of the pavilion design can be tailored to complement your pool area. Pavilion designs can include shapes like ovals, octagons, and circles as well as the more common rectangular and square designs. A poolside pavilions gives guests protection from the sun as well as a spot to lounge and change during poolside activities. A poolside pavilion can also be the perfect party spot, giving a sheltered focal point for lounge furniture and refreshments.
  • Want to enhance existing architecture on your property? Backyard pavilion kits often have many options to match and reference other structures that are part of your home. Backyard pavilions can be customized with roof shingles that match another paint color used on the exterior of your home, and the structure itself can be painted to blend in harmoniously with the existing colors used in the architecture of your property. With careful choices, an attached pavilion can merge seamlessly into the aesthetic feel of the rest of your home, as opposed to the separate space created by a freestanding pavilion. Attached pavilions can be added on to carports or the side facade of your home to define a protected outdoor space easily accessed from the interior.


Which Style of Pavilion is Right for You?

There are a number of standard sizes that are common in backyard pavilion plans and ideas, so it is worth fully analyzing what size and shape best suit your needs.

When selecting a pavilion, consider its utility.

A gazebo or pergola would be best suited for sheltering a backyard eating area or outdoor kitchen and will create a distinct area for play and relaxation. A gazebo can be fully or partially screened in for further protection from outdoor pests. On the other hand, a more open pergola structure would be the perfect choice for an avid gardener who wants to fully integrate landscaping and blooming plants into the design of the pavilion or for a homeowner who wants to use the pergola as a sitting area and vantage point out onto the rest of the outdoor landscape.

A pavilion can also shade a walkway through an outdoor garden and does not necessarily have to be used as a sitting or gathering area. Integrating pavilions over walkways can make a more pleasant, inviting, and shaded path for those with large outdoor areas or gardens with landscaping that encourages long strolls.

While most pavilions provide protection from the sun, for those living in a four season climate, a pavilion can also make outdoor space more usable even in the depths of winter. A pavilion will protect an area of the backyard from the snow and can be a good spot for taking a break after a winter’s day outdoors and can lengthen the life of a barbecue grill past the summer months into year round use.

What Pavilion sizes are offered?

Pavilions tend to come in a range of standard sizes from as small as 8′ x 10′ to as large as 20′ x 40′. Intermediate sizes such as 16′ x 16′, 16′ x 24′, and 12′ x 16′ are also readily available. Custom sizes that are larger are also feasible, but internal posts will be needed once you exceed a certain size, so for those looking for a four post option with a clear interior, a standard size may be more appropriate.

Pavilion Kit or Custom Pavilion?

If your priority is speed and you want a pavilion delivered quickly in time to enjoy the summer, a kit or prefab pavilion option would be best. Many manufacturers will deliver either a DIY kit or in some cases, a fully assembled structure. These kits usually start off at around $2,000 per pavilion, although on average most consumers spend in the $5,000 – $10,000 range for such structures. Even with kits or prefab structures, you can often choose a variety of finishes, such as wood or vinyl, and the color of roofing shingles and the paint color for exterior finishing. Some kits even have the option of metal roofing, or canvas roofing, although wood and vinyl are most common. Kits can be delivered with all necessary hardware and usually only take 1-2 days to assemble.

A custom pavilion may be in order if you are integrating the pavilion into the landscape architecture of your outdoor space and you want the perfect fit as well as a structure that is visibly tailored to your space. Examples in which a custom pavilion would be preferable would be if you have a water feature like a pond or lake and want to build out a deck with a pavilion on the lake, if you have a uniquely shaped pool area, or if you want a centerpiece pavilion that will provide a spectacular visual anchor for your outdoor living space. Hiring a landscape designer or architect to design a backyard pavilion that is perfectly customized would likely add a fee of 15% – 20% of the budget of the pavilion itself, but the cost for such services will depend on the complexity of the design.