January 7, 2016

DC Builders

DC Builders Timber Frame Barn

DC Builders

Using state of the art technology, DC Builders take a service minded approach, keeping clients happy and up to date on the developments in their timber frame project.  From custom homes to horse barns, commercial structures and beyond, DC builders will create a custom plan to fit your lifestyle.

One Of a Kind Timber Frame Structures Built Nationwide

DC Builders provide design and building solutions that make your timber frame dream a reality. With experienced teams working all across the country, DC Builders can accommodate your project anywhere in the US. From residential homes to barn homes, workshops, garages, commercial structures and more, DC Builder design specialists are ready to help you get started.

DC Builders Offers:

  • One of a Kind Timber Frame Structures
  • Builds Nationwide
  • A Service Minded Client Approach
  • Commercial and Residential Construction


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