January 7, 2016

Schneider Timber Frames

Schneider timber frames

Schneider Timber Frames

The top builder of timber frame homes in Colorado. From completely custom to or pre-designed buildings, Schenider Building Company provides the best in craftsmanship, quality and service.

Timber Framing and General Contracting from Simple to Most Complex Projects

A Beautiful home should be available to all – That’s what Schneider Building Company believes. Using sustainable material and an efficient construction style, a custom timber frame home is not out of the question. In their partnership with Woodhouse and their extensive experience in the construction industry, Schneider Building Company is the leading timber frame home builder in Colorado’s Front Range.

Schneider Building Company Offers:

  • Partnership with Woodhouse
  • Pre-Designed and Custom Home Plans
  • Simple to Complex Projects
  • Highest Standards of Service


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