January 7, 2016

Timber Frame Manufacturers

Lakeside Timber Frame Home

There are many options to consider when building you timber frame dream home. From location to cost, experienced representatives from top brands can help with the decisions you will make.


Timber Frame Manufacturers

This is a short list of the best of the best in timber frame design and building. Home layouts that fit your building vision can be accommodated by one or any of these leading brands. You can expect top quality, function and beauty in these home plans.

The Leaders in Timber Frame Design and Construction

If you are thinking of finally building your dream home, there are many decisions to make to get started. Location, style, cost are just a few of the considerations to make. To help out, here are some of the top timber frame brands that can help you make most of the decisions you’ll face in the exciting new venture.

The top manufacturers in timber framing (in no particular order) include:

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