January 7, 2016

Riverbend Timber Framing


Riverbend Timber Framing

Riverbend was started in 1979 crafting quality timber frame homes using more traditional building techniques including mortise and tenon.The Riverbend style evolved into using high quality SIP’s (structural insulated panels) to incorporate highly efficient building methods. Currently, Riverbend is a leader in the building of energy efficient Timber frame homes in the US

Over 30 Years of Experience Creating Beautiful Timber Frame Homes

Riverbend has more than thirty years of experience building beautiful timber frame homes which have been located on mountain tops, lake sides and beautiful valleys all across the US. Your decision to start a timber frame home project is a great decision and investment in the future generations of your family.

Riverbend Timber Framing Offers:

  • Total Home Solution: Guides Clients through all phases of project
  • Incorporates its own SIP company – Insulspan
  • Integrated building system ensures energy efficiency
  • Over 30 Years Of Building Experience

If you are still making the decision on the best type of home for your lifestyle, check out some of the most popular home styles in today’s market. Or,  get a quote from a builder if you already have a style and budget in mind.