January 7, 2016




Timberbuilt is known for building beautiful, eco-friendly homes in any range of sizes. Weather for for a profit or a loss, one thing for sure is A timberbuilt home will be beautiful and eco-friendly.

A Timber Frame Home To Enjoy For Generations

Timberbuilt homes offer a natural look using giant timbers. Also, each home has unique characteristics with the use of new and reclaimed materials. All joinery is crafted by hand and no nails are used in the process. Precision crafted SIP panels produce less waste and create efficiency in the build process. Timberbuilt craftsman will oversee the construction Phase of your build and will work with you throughout every phase of your project from start to finish.

Timberbuilt Offers:

  • Artful Home Designs
  • Affordability
  • Green Building
  • Commercial and Residential Designs
  • Unique Designs Using New and Reclaimed Material

If you haven’t decided on the best type of home for your lifestyle, check out some of the most popular home styles in today’s market. Or, if you have a budget in mind already,  get a quote from a builder.